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The completion of the market research for the “Personal Off-Road Vehicle” armament project

On November 21, 2017, the Department of Marketing Support to Defence Acquisitions, Armaments and Acquisitions Division of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic (Marketing Department), completed the process of the market research for the Personal Off-Road Vehicle“armament project. In total, 16 companiesshowed interest to participate in the project, among them not only the manufacturers and suppliers of special military technics, but also those of commercial vehicles. Finally, 10 companies actively participated in the research itself.

By elaborating a summary overview of the possibilities of solving the acquisition of new vehicles, the basis documents for decisive process of the top management of the Ministry of Defence were prepared in fact, as well as for the subsequent commencement of the phase of the acquisition process of the replacement of obsolete UAZ and Land Rover Defender vehicles which are no more perspective.

The Marketing Department and especially the Project Manager would like to thank all participating manufacturers and suppliers for their helpfulness and cooperation in complex processing of responses to the Request for Information (RFI), including providing of substantial life cycle parameters.

The team of Marketing Department is looking forward to further cooperation with the representatives of the Czech defence and security industry. At the same time all manufacturers are kindly requested to be sending information on all future technical innovations, toLubomír Pauch, the main project manager of the market research.

On behalf of the Project team of the Marketing Department:

Ing. Milan Dvořák, MSc., Head of Department
Ing. Lubomír Pauch, Market Research Project Manager

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