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Man-portable ATGM market survey completed

The Department of Marketing Support to Defence Acquisitions, Armaments and Acquisition Division of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic (Marketing Department) in recent days completed market survey with man-portable long range anti-tank guided missiles (ATMG). The complex market research on modern generation ATGM operated in NATO and other allied countries was executed with the aim to provide all relevant information for decision-making on purchasing of the technologically advanced, modern and the operationally most suitable system for the Czech Armed Forces.

The new and latest generation ATMG will replace technologically and technically obsolete 9P135 – 9K111M FAGOT systems in its final stages of the life cycle.

The integrated project team (IPT) established for the purpose of the study completion identified and analyzed all possible alternatives and variants, and then requested information from the three most technologically advance producers of the latest generation ATMG, which are able to fulfill the Czech Armed Forces requirements.

The producers were called upon for the classified meetings for the information exchange with the IPT and representatives of the future user - the Czech Armed Forces. Based on the formal RFI with all specific parameters concerning the life cycle costs, technological and technical aspects, the final material, the market research study, was completed.

Due to the sensitivity of the data exchange with the producers, all meetings were performed without noticing any external audience and no information was passed for the public release.

The market research was performed only with the producers from the above mentioned reasons.

On behalf of the project team Marketing Department:
Ing. Milan Dvořák, MSc.
Ing. Ladislav Havelka, Project Manager of the Market Research Team, IPT

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