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Market Research to the „Medium Wheeled Armoured Vehicle“ project

The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic is about to start a market research to the “Medium Wheeled Armoured Vehicle” project.

The goal of the market research will be to identify the possibilities of manufacturers and suppliers of armoured wheeled vehicles with total weight range between 10 - 20 tons with options to install a wide range of additonal systems and subsystems.

The vehicles should, in addition to the ballistic and anti-mine protection, provide also enough internal space and surplus power of the on-board electric net for a wide range of electronic systems.

The market research will be started by sending an official "Request for Information" (RFI) to potential manufacturers and suppliers, which is expected by the beginning of November this year.

Should any potential manufacturers and suppliers be interested in being involved in the market research, before  officially addressed by the RFI, they can send their product portfolio to the e-mail address marketresearch@army.cz until November 9, 2020.