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Industry Day on the project Tactical Unmanned System

The Industry Day related to the project Tactical Unmanned System was held at the premises of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic on October 10 and was primarily focused on the pre-acquisition phase which includes the market research process. The event was organized by the Market Research and Analysis Department altogether with the Industrial Cooperation Department.

Guests included the foreign companies already involved in the market research process, the selected representatives of the Czech defence and security industry companies and the distinguished guests from the Ministry of Defence and the Czech Army. The opening remarks were done by Mr Lubor Koudelka, MG Jaromír Zůna and Lt Col Petr Šnajdárek.

Participants of the Industry Day learned more about the role of the Market Research and Analysis Department and the main points regarding the ongoing project. Further, the representatives of the future user briefly presented the operational requirements and responded to the questions that were sent by the companies about the Request for Information (RFI) document. In the second half of the Industry Day, Mr Petr Hakl from the Industrial Cooperation Department presented the possibilities in the cooperation with the selected Czech companies related to the specific part of the project.

The Industry Day serves as a platform for the potential suppliers in order to have a better overview of the project, to better understand the requirements of the Czech Army and eventually to ask questions regarding the next development of the project and desired parameters.


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