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Market Research - "Field Kitchen on Off-Road Vehicle” Project


The Market Research and Analysis Department of the Industrial Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic is about to start a market research to the "Field Kitchen on Off-Road Vehicle” project. 

The aim of the market research is to find out, which manufacturers and suppliers are able to provide a complex field kitchen solution on an off-road truck or which are able to provide a utility body/box that can be mounted on the chassis of an off-road truck. These vehicles should gradually replace currently used POKA 3/1 vehicles based on Praga V3S chassis, which are technically and morally obsolete.

Technical solution of this mobile field kitchen should enable daily preparation of hot meals for hundreds of soldiers and transport of necessary food and water supplies.

Should any potential manufacturers and vendors be interested in being involved in the market research, before being officially addressed by the RFI, they can send their product portfolio to the e-mail address marketresearch@army.cz

Participation in the market research is on voluntary basis.